The Collective

We are a group of BIPOC folx that found each other 5 years ago on our paths of personal healing from the impacts of existing within oppressive systems. Through this experience of interrogating, challenging, and undoing these systems of oppression in our lives, we’ve been activated as a collective to support organizations and communities in their journeys. We’re excited to bring our collective approach and perspective, and our individual experience and skills to our clients. We look forward to working with you.

Ti’esh Harper


Ti’esh is a healer and freedom fighter. Her experience as a Black woman, daughter, sister, and mother, has fueled a career of providing programming and advocating with and for BIPOC folx in schools and non-profit organizations for the past 8 years in Seattle. In her work, she focuses on liberation for all by centering BIPOC intuition, healing, and needs. She brings knowledge and skills in individual and organizational capacity building that produces anti-racist culture and systems change to Paradigm Shift Seattle. Ti’esh attended Scripps College where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Africana Studies and Media Studies, building the foundation of her anti-racist work. She is a trained facilitator, creative content developer, and human-centered space designer.  When she is not knee deep in work or mothering her 4-year-old daughter, Ti’esh loves to listen to music, connect with her ancestors, and talk about love and the future with family and friends.

Aaron Carr


Aaron is a community builder/ artist/ and entrepreneur working alongside passionate community members, groups, and organizations to create space for anti-racist action. From coaching individuals around connecting their intersectional identities and values to the work they do in the system to organizing large scale community to events that promote healing justice, Aaron is devoted to ensuring all community members feel seen, valued, and supported in understanding their place in our collective fight for liberation. Aaron spent 10 years of their life serving communities across the nation in various non-profits and organizational roles. In the last 3 years, they served as a Program Director overseeing organizational vision towards becoming an anti-racist and youth centered org , utilized human-centered coaching practices that inspired innovation and root solutions, and designed and consulted around community-centered program design. When Aaron isn’t using their strong vision to make change in the system, you’ll find them producing/singing music or practicing a dj set for the next party they’re working.

Sofia Voz


Sofia currently works in the Office of Equity for a national non-profit, where she focuses on foundational learning, strategic initiatives, and organizational culture. After attending Seattle University, she earned her Masters in Public Administration from the University of Washington. She is a certified Adaptive Schools presenter and a certified Racial Equity Specialist with Disruptive Equity Education Project (DEEP). She believes that equitable processes, quality space design and facilitation, and group relationships all serve as catalysts to an organization’s anti-racism journey. Sofia has worked in the non-profit sector in Seattle for 15 years and is a proud resident of the Rainier Beach neighborhood. She cares deeply about educational equity and the impact of gentrification and Seattle’s widening wealth gap on intentionally under-resourced communities. In her free time Sofia enjoys food in all forms, traveling to new places, and watching her 3 year old Vivian explore the world.

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